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L1 Visa Duration

How To Extend L1 Visa Duration Beyond 5 And 7 Years? A foreign company may transfer some of its employees to work for a US affiliate company under an L1 visa. Being a non-immigrant visa, the L1 is only valid for a limited period and does not automatically result in a green card. This is […]


L1 Visa Cost

L1 Visa Cost – All You Need To Know With the help of the L1 visa large multinational corporations can relocate key personnel to their US branches. Many managers, executives, and specialized knowledge workers can work temporarily in the US with this type of non-immigrant visa. Everything you need to know about an L1 visa […]


L1 Visa Requirement Documents

L1 Visa Requirement Documents For the US Employers wishing to move staff from overseas offices to the US will find L1 visas to be a useful resource. It allows qualified individuals to contribute their knowledge and work in US operations for a three-year initial term, which can be extended upon meeting L1 visa requirement documents. […]