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L1 Visa Cost – All You Need To Know

With the help of the L1 visa large multinational corporations can relocate key personnel to their US branches. Many managers, executives, and specialized knowledge workers can work temporarily in the US with this type of non-immigrant visa. Everything you need to know about an L1 visa cost is covered in this blog post.

The cost of an L1 visa consists of multiple fees which can add up quickly. Under the terms of the L1 visa, a non-immigrant visa the multinational corporations are permitted to transfer the foreign workers to their US branches or the subsidiaries. There are numerous advantages of this visa program including: 

  • The yearly limit on the quantity of L1 Visa is not granted
  • Labor certification is not needed
  • An employment offer is not required. 
  • Permission to pursue dual intent: the applicant may pursue permanent residency while possessing an L1 visa.

An L1 Visa: What Is It?

The L1 visa category is mainly intended for employees transferring within the same company. Foreign businesses may lawfully transfer employees possessing specialized skills or management experience to affiliated US-based organizations. In this context, the latter ideas might refer to parent companies, subsidiaries, or branches. L1 visas come in two primary varieties:

L1A Visa

Managers and executives are the target audience. The foreign position held by the employee must have included one year of uninterrupted management experience during the previous three years.

L1B Visa

Compared to the previous type, it is less demanding and meant for workers with specialized knowledge. It can refer to know-how, expertise in the company’s products or services, or any proprietary process. 

The Eight Primary L1 Visa Fees

Multinational corporations are permitted to transfer employees from overseas offices to US offices under the L-1 non-immigrant visa. The eight primary L-1 visa fees are as follows:

Filing fee

The application for an L-1 visa requires a $960 filing fee.

Preventing and Identifying Fraud

For the L-1 visa, the fraud prevention and detection fee is $500.

Extra Charge for Premium Processing

Applicants can choose premium processing, which guarantees that USCIS will decide on the application within 15 calendar days, for an extra $2,805.

Fee for Consular Processing

The L-1 visa applicant must pay a fee to the U.S. Department of State for the visa application if they are outside the country and need consular processing.

Legal Fees

It is advised that those applying for an L-1 visa seek legal assistance from an immigration attorney to help with their application. The complexity of the case and the amount of time needed to prepare the application will affect the attorney fees.

Fees for document preparation and translation

If the documents of the applicant are not in English then they have to pay the extra fees for the translation of their documents. Also, some extra costs are involved in creating the necessary paperwork including financial statements for the organizations and the job descriptions for the employees.

Travel-related costs

To attend the visa interview at the US embassy or consulate the applicants must account for the travel costs including hotel, meals, and transportation. 

Dependent Charges

If the L1 visa applicant wishes to bring their spouse or children with them to the United States then they have to pay extra for their visa applications and the associated costs. 

It is essential to remember that these costs could alter based on the unique circumstances of each L-1 visa applicant. 

How to Reduce the Cost of an L1 Visa

Even though it’s not possible to completely avoid L1 visa costs, there are a few tactics you can employ to keep costs to a minimum:

Selecting the Appropriate Immigration Lawyer
  1. Seek out a knowledgeable immigration lawyer with an emphasis on L1 visas.
  2. Before choosing an attorney, compare the costs that each one is asking for.
  3. Find out how successful their L1 visa applications are.
Comprehending the Conditions for an L1 Visa
  1. Learn about the requirements for an L1 visa to prevent expensive mistakes.
  2. Before submitting the visa application it is essential to make sure that you satisfy all the requirements for the eligibility. 
  3. To save the last minute costs it is essential to prepare all the necessary paperwork ahead of time. 
Simplifying the Application Procedure
  1. Select premium processing to minimize delays and expedite your application.
  2. Employ a trustworthy courier service to save money on pointless travel.
  3. To avoid late fees, maintain organization, and stay on top of all deadlines.

Final Thoughts

Multinational corporations can move workers from their overseas offices to their U.S. offices with the help of the L-1 visa. For a maximum of seven years, skilled workers can use the visa to work for their company’s U.S. operations and bring their expertise to the country.

Any changes to the status of the L-1 visa may result in extra costs and legal bills. Working with an experienced immigration attorney who can help you navigate any obstacles along the way and ensure that you have the best chance of success in obtaining an L-1 visa or changing your current status is advised to maximize your chances of success. maximize your chances of success.

To know more about the L1 Visa costs remain in contact with the US Area Immigration Services.

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