US Visa Drop Container: The Easiest Way To Get Your Visa

A while back, getting a visa at a U.S. Consulate required bringing your biometrics to an in-person interview. All applicants are required to attend a visa interview unless they are exempt from this requirement. However, the US Visa Dropbox’s launch in recent years has made obtaining a visa easier. These days, a lot of travelers prefer this route because they think it’s smoother, faster, and more convenient.

Details of Dropbox’s US Visa

likely, you have already heard of this channel. In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard of it, however, you need to renew your US visa—along with an F1 visa—you would possibly need to take advantage of the America Visa Dropbox carrier. 

To reiterate, you aren’t required to bodily attend your visa interviews if you use the Dropbox technique. as a substitute, you may pass the interview and attain a U.S. visa stamp without a doubt submitting all of the vital documentation.

The U.S. Visa DropBox carrier changed into previously confined to visa holders whose preceding visas had both expired lately or were nonetheless in effect. The U.S. department of nation did, but, increase the qualifying necessities in August 2020 to include preceding visas that expired after 48 months.

Dropbox Eligibility

The candidate must possess a legitimate US non-immigrant visa that has both expired within the last 24 months or is about to run out within the subsequent 3 months from the software date.

  • Nigeria was the country of issue for the prior visa.
  • The prior visa had multiple entries and full validity.
  • The applicant is asking for a visa underneath the equal category as the one that became formerly granted.
  • inside the United States, the applicant has never been arrested or found responsible of a crime.
  • The applicant has in no way overstayed in the usa or worked without permission.

Ways To Get US Visa Via Drop Box

To obtain your US visa via Dropbox, you must do the following:

Check if you qualify for the Dropbox application process. Also, you need to fulfill the conditions for the sort of visa you are looking for.

collect the important office work: gather all the office work needed in your visa application, which includes your passport, the finished visa utility form, and any additional documentation proving your reason to visit the United states.

cover the price of your visa application. Before filing your utility, you should pay the online visa software charge.

Make an appointment. To submit your application and assisting documentation, make an appointment at a U.S. embassy or consulate in your own home u . s . a .. you could use the website of the U.S. department of country to make an internet appointment.

follow: You must deliver your completed software and all vital office work to the day of your appointment, and visit the embassy or consulate. The software charge for a visa must also be paid.

watch for the reaction: The embassy or consulate will don’t forget your utility and make a decision regarding your visa after it has been submitted. The decision might be dispatched to you through email or mail.

How to follow for a united states of America Visa via Dropbox

The utility technique for a us visa Dropbox is just like that for other sorts of visa renewals. Only the documentation and eligibility requirements for the USA visa dropbox are relevant. Let us look at the sequential procedure.

Fill out the DS-160 shape.

The DS-a hundred and sixty is a US visa utility shape for non-immigrants that you should complete.. The lengthy form requests numerous details, such as where your visa was stamped. While you whole and post the form, you’ll get hold of a wide variety that you will need when scheduling an appointment to have your visa stamped.

Create your profile online.

The next step is to create a CGI Federal account. You will also need to select a country to stamp your visa. The country where you originally had your US visa stamped is not an option.

Confirm the details.

Dropbox requires potential HUS visa applicants to demonstrate their qualifications for the role before submitting an application. You must answer a variety of questions about your US visa. Annotations, the status of your US visa, your passport, and other personal information may be considered fair game. 

Keep in mind that your Dropbox approval is heavily reliant on these responses. After completing the questionnaire, you will be notified whether you are eligible for a US visa dropbox.

Confirm Dropbox’s location.

Once you’ve received confirmation for the US visa dropbox, you must select the country where you’ll deliver your documents.

Pay the visa cost.

The subsequent action is to pay the visa fee. You can select the payment that meets your needs in the best manner. 

Schedule a US Visa Dropbox appointment.

Choose an appointment date for your US visa in Dropbox. Remember to keep all documents with you at all times.

Wrapping Up


Contact USA Area Immigration Services and helpful customer service representatives will resolve your questions and concerns about US Dropbox appointments and Dropbox US visa Drop Box renewal as soon as possible.

The documentation for a US visa is the easiest part. We do far more than this. In contrast to traditional consultants and attorneys, we do not bill by the hour.


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