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Reentry Permit

A Complete Description Of The Reentry Permit Traveling overseas is permitted for holders of green cards, but staying out of the country for longer than a year at a time runs the risk of losing your status. You can apply for a reentry permit beforehand if you are planning a long trip outside of the […]


H1B Visa

US Supreme Court Decision On Overturning Chevron Precedent For Indian H-1B Visa Workers In a recent ruling, the US Supreme Court reversed a forty-year-old precedent—established earlier in the Chevron case—that stated courts ought to accord federal agency decisions substantial deference. Reversing the earlier ruling affects the Indian community differently and has far-reaching effects on H1B […]


Best Visa Consultant In Ahmedabad

Benefits Of Hiring The Best Visa Consultant In Ahmedabad Ahmedabad is an expanding city in Gujarat that is well known for its growing textile industry, expanding aspirations toward global opportunities, and rich cultural legacy. Ahmedabad has become a hub for connecting local goals with international destinations’ desire to reunite with family members who live abroad. […]


Employment-Based Immigration

Understanding Employment-Based Immigration Visas: A Complex World For bright professionals and skilled workers around the world, employment opportunities in the US can be an attractive possibility. It can be intimidating, though, to navigate the complicated world of employment-based immigration visas. Knowing your options and the particular requirements for each visa category is essential to securing […]


Immigration Consultants

How To Find The Immigration Consultant For The United States? Navigating the complicated world of immigration can be a daunting task if you are looking to relocate to a new country for education, work, or a better quality of life. The process can go more smoothly and efficiently by hiring a trustworthy and reputable immigration […]