D-2 Visa - U.S Area Immigration Services in India

D-2 Visa

The D-2 crewmen visa is a nonimmigrant visa which specifically allows foreign nationals to enter the U.S. and serve aboard a fishing vessel with a homeport or base of operation in the U.S. and is only available if the fishing vessel is temporarily visiting Guam. Crewpersons serving in good faith for normal operations aboard vessels may apply for the D-2 visa. This classification includes musicians, stewards, technicians, and chefs. The D-2 visa is designed for crewmembers or airmen who are leaving one vessel to depart on another. Those who are traveling with the D-2 crewmember are allowed to do so for as long as the D-2 visa remains valid.

Qualifying Conditions

Qualifying conditions for a D-2 visa include:

  • You are supposed to land temporarily and thoroughly follow as a crewman and depart from the U.S. with the fishing vessel on which you arrived.
  • Carry on the admirable conviction in any capacity on board a fishing vessel that is required for normal fishing operation and service.
  • Crew members such as captains, seamen, stewards, or employees on board a ship with their services required for normal operation or to crew members traveling to the U.S. as passengers are acceptable to join a fishing vessel.


An application for the D-2 visa must be filed at the U.S. Consulate abroad. Although requesting for landing privileges, you have to provide your application in person which includes an offer and all necessary documents, be photographed and fingerprinted. All this documentation is just to confirm that you are admissible under all appropriate immigration laws and prove that you are entitled to landing privileges in the U.S.


There are certain documents required at the time of inspection just to show copies of employer work records to the immigration officer. In case of strike/lockout, you will need to prove the following:

  • Your work for your employer should be at least one year longer than the beginning of the strike/lockout.
  • Over this one-year period, you have worked as a crewman for your employer at least once in three different months.
  • You believe to continue working for your employer at this level.


Limitations persistent for a D-2 visa are:

  • Involvement required only in fishing, and the ship’s homeport must be in the U.S.
  • Land in and depart from the same port as part of your crew duties.

Duration of Stay

Duration of stay on D-2 visa remains six months. The D-2 visa is issued only for a single admission to the U.S.